Roulette Strategy

If we conclude that Online roulette is a pure game of chance and the player can not influence the result of any spin , then we are ruling out any establishment of a winning strategy for online roulette. The players of online keno and slots are great endorsers of such an idea because their fate is decided by a random number.

Roulette players on the other hand have something to hang on. If you review the odds of betting that are in favor of or against a particular outcome , you have got a good start in determining what kind of opponents and opposition you are facing.

There are many systems related to roulette betting that claim that they are ensuring success. But none of them has successfully proved that it can alter the long established win/loss ratio that has established for online roulette games.

But even though these strategies have not established themselves but still we should study them to know why they do not work which will help us in understanding the true and random nature of online roulette and land roulette games. Here is a very short overview of two great roulette strategies related to betting.


This is probably is the most famous of roulette betting strategies. It is very easy to remember because it is based on negative progression which is very standard. It simply implies that for all losing bets , you should double for the next debt . This will ensure that you recover all your losses when you finally score a win. You will be returning again at original bet and starting again. However, it has a catch.

For an example you start your bet from $1 and then there are 10 straight losses , there will be a loss of $2047 in quest for winning a mere $1. And there is a likelihood of ten consecutive losses at odds of 613 to 1. But this is a real possibility. You might have enough funds in your pocket to pursue this strategy but certain casinos may have rules in place which will not be allowing bets over and above a set limit. This way they will prohibit use of this strategy. You might well be stopped after five or six double bets.

D'Alembert system:

This strategy is based on the principle that you should add a small increment if you lose and decrease by a small decrement when you win. Progression in this case is not exponential but it is in fact linear which is cutting down rate of value on your bet.

If we sum it up , we can conclude that roulette probabilities are renewing with every spin , therefore , none of these strategies have worked over a longer period of time. A hot streak may be experienced by a player landing him in a good amount of money . But with enough bad luck , a roulette strategy can result in huge losses that compound through the use of these strategies.