Online Casino Software

Almost whatever we need is now available on internet. Whatever people are looking for is there on internet. It can be communication, services, work, advice and of course entertainment as well. One important aspect of entertainment on internet is the amount of resources we have related to online gambling. This is undisputed leader among entertainment sites and has shown to be more profitable as well.

The trustworthiness, repute, security and popularity of any online casino is dependent on its software platform. Such software is countless in number and similarly there are countless providers of this software as well. But not all software providers vouch for every casino that is running their software. In the following description, we are listing the most popular and reliable software providers of online casino games.


This is the by far the oldest and most famous software provider founded in 1994. Viper Software is its prime product which has made it famous world over.


Another software vendor was founded in 1997. It is also hugely popular. Its software is very stable. It also has a bonus plan which is quite profitable.


Compared with the above two, this is relatively young and founded in 1999. This has a wide range and very innovative in its approach. It also keeps offering special promotions.

Realtime Gaming:

This was established in 1998. It has an established tradition of quality products and satisfying services. It constantly is going through a never ending development process in their company.

Rival Gaming:

This is a very new entrant to the market and founded only in 2006. It has made its mark as really popular software operator. It has very strong security built into its system. The interactive platform is also its success secret.


It is definitely the most prospective and famous software company which was established in 1997. A survey has indicated that the company is constantly updating its products and improving them to bring them at par with the best. It continuously strives for perfection.