Legal notice

Our top most priority is our client's privacy and we are not ready to sacrifice it. Rest assured, your personal data is in safe hands and say no to worries if you have any. We promise you that your personal verification data cannot be authorized by all our employees. Only our dedicated employees have the authority to access this information which helps us in increasing our standards, for which we are continuously striving.

Use of your information

We guarantee you that your data is only collected and used in a legitimate way and we do not carry out any activity or use your data in an illegitimate manner. We gather your credentials if you have purchased anything or if you have asked for a quotation. Your personal information is only used for business purposes. With the help of this data, we continue to strive for excellence and better standards. For instance, your data helps us in determining your behavior and preferences. Consequently, this also helps us in maintaining stable supply and demand equilibrium. It also helps us in building strong relationships with you.

Non disclosure of data to any other company

Our customers and visitors should have no worries because we are committed not to disclose our client's personal information. If necessary, our client will first be asked for permission or in case our client has given us the authority by business to disclose his or her personal information. However, we will be forced to reveal our client's personal data in the case of crime to any federal agency.

We also have the authority to expose information which is not public if we are asked to present by a government agency or in the court. We cannot guarantee any non-disclosure of information which involves law authorities.

We also have the authority to reference check your information which you have provided with other companies. We only take those actions which are allowed by legislative authorities. Cross checking your data with other companies help us in building strong relationships with you in the future.

Our policies can change

We also want to make this thing clear to our customers, clients and visitors that the privacy policy stated here represents our on-going practices and we have to authority to alter our policies. If there is any change in policy we shall provide complete information related to it in this section. So, we advise our customers to keep check on the privacy section regularly in case if they are concerned about their privacy.

If you have no issue with our policy related to privacy, then you are most welcome to use our website. However, if you have any concerns and issues about your personal credentials or regarding privacy, we would advise our visitors abstain from visiting our website.