Craps Strategy

Craps game is a battle between house and you the player. A battle can only be won with a well thought out and reliable strategy. Here we are going to discuss in detail two strategies which will be helping to get maximum earnings from your Craps gaming experience . They will also be helpful in reducing your losses that you will be incurring. If you gain knowledge of some good strategy , you immediately grant yourself an advantage over others.

Game Strategy 1

This strategy for craps focuses on numbers. As an example you place a 6 for 12 dollars. It is not possible to tell beforehand that whether a roll is good or bad. There are basically two categories of craps players. One of them are taking the initial win and leaving the bet up . Whereas the other ones are taking their bet downwards and missing out on a few big rolls.

You need to remember one term which is called press. An increase in press means that you are pressing your bet. Taking all your winning when you hit first and then going to next hit is a very good strategy. You can follow it up with making rotations where you take and then press.

Craps Strategy 2

In this strategy you are taking maximum odds when the bets are passline. Successful craps players would say that it is very obvious but it is surprising that numerous craps players either take no odds or they are taking very low odds . If we count best bets in casinos that are online , passline bet will come on top.

You should try to take the maximum allowed bet. This is to your own benefit. If you happen to be a fresh player , there is no harm in asking the dealer whether you have placed correct bet. There are many players who are placing wrong bets and in the process they are losing odds . As an example , the correct odds for a bet is 10 dollars if its an eight point . If you are betting 12 dollars in this case , you might be paid but will not be in receipt of bonus odd due to incorrect 2 dollars.

Always remember that a player who is losing can soon become a winning player if he follows a good and test craps strategy. Never approach a table for playing craps if you do not have a strategy for playing in mind.