Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is counted amongst the most popular card games that exist in the world. It is played extensively at all continents of the world with the exception of Antractica for obvious reasons but may be even there too. Ancient name of this game is Twenty One. It has been mentioned in Servants Books and Don Quixote adventures. Original rules of the game had main objective as collection of jack along with Ace of Spades.

This sounds quite complicated. After that the game started to be called as Blackjack. Modern day blackjack is not a difficult game anymore. All you need is a collection of 21 points. All cards have been given values. Cards 2 up to 10 are having their own value. Jack leading up to king value at 10 pints whereas Ace can have two values i.e. 1 point or 10 points. Players should decide on the values. Two or even four jokers may also be used sometimes.

When it started:

Blackjack strategy existed as early as the start of the game. The need for strategy arose because people needed to win money. Winning blackjack strategy may exist or not at all. We can be sure of one thing. If a blackjack winning strategy exists anywhere, it can not be used at any big casinos. Because, those big casinos having system in place to restrict this winning strategy without your knowledge.

Any person who is using any blackjack winning strategy will not be willing to share it with anyone else. During one hundred years of black jack history, there have been numerous winning blackjack strategies. There are many blackjack strategies which are based on surrender blackjack strategy, strategy concerning pairs, basic blackjack strategy and card counting.

It is difficult to judge that which blackjack winning strategy is best out of all these numerous strategies. Some of these strategies may only work in a particular condition and in that case it may be best strategy. For example if you are having pairs then the strategy that is concerning pairs is best. Surrender blackjack strategy may be good enough if you are also having basic blackjack strategy.

Simple Tip for Winning:

The simple tip concerning blackjack strategy related to pairs is that whenever you have pair of cards at the beginning of any game, there is a right available with you to split those pairs. Some people will be saying that it can potentially double their wins therefore it is great.

But it should be kept in mind that this can also result in double loss. May rules are related to blackjack strategy of this kind. For example you should invariably slit cards when you are having two aces or even two eights. Two tens should not be split because you are already having good points to make 21. You are already having 20. If you are in use of counting cards strategy then you can split in that case even two tens. But it is advised that you don't do that.